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Karren writes in her letter:

'You were right my GGF did go by Tillman.   In the photo you notice he is missing an eye.  He told us that he lost the eye one day while cutting some limbs out of a tree.  He didnít see that a woodpecker had a nest in the side of the tree and when he went to cut down the limb it flew out and took his eye.

Now this may sound like a tall tell but my mother believed this story true till well after she was married and had kidsÖ   My father didnít buy it and got the truth.  Tillman had eye surgery in his early teens and working on a farm with all the dust and sweat the eye never healed properly and in his late teen after many infections they took the eye out.   He had several glass eyes but I donít remember him ever wearing oneÖ Oh also I donít know when but I remember he only had one leg  told us he buried the other one in the back yard.  After the woodpecker story  I donít knowÖÖ'