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Here is the latest update on the Riley Headstone Project.  Donations received as of 15 December 2007:
Dr. Melanie Renfroe-( daughter of Dr. Don Strickland and great-great granddaughter of Daniel Riley)------------------$250.00
Roy Strickland - (son of Myrtle Riley Strickland, great-great grandson of John Riley, Sr.)----------------------------------$410.00
Mark Riley Strickland-(son of Roy Strickland, great grandson of James Edward Riley)--------------------------------------$200.00
Mike Strickland-(son of Roy Strickland, g-g grandson of Daniel, g-g-g- grandson of John,Sr)- --------------------------- $200.00
Matt Strickland-(son of Roy Strickland, great grandson of J.E. Riley, g-g-g grandson of John, Sr) ----------------------$100.00
Sherry Carvalho-(daughter of Roy Strickland, grand daughter of Myrtle Riley Strickland)------------------------------------$100.00
                                                                                                                                                  TOTAL    $1260.00
The cost of cost for new granite headstones for the John Riley, Sr. plot and the
Daniel Riley plot is $960.00.  The cost for imbedding the old headstones in
concrete  and placing them on the ground in front of the new stones is $300.00 .
                                          GRAND TOTAL FOR JOHN, SR AND DANIEL'S PLOTS ------------------------------------$1260.00
Jim Riley has donated the generous sum of---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$600.00
The cost of new granite headstones and imbedding the old stones for the EDWARD RILEY PLOT----------------------$590.00
Peter Unger (Billie, Jesse Phillip, Curtis, Abraham, John Riley, Sr.) has been most kind with a donation of---------$250.00
The cost of new headstones and imbedding the old stones for the MOSES RILEY PLOT-----------------------------------$590.00
TOTAL AMOUNT COLLECTED IS $2110.00-------------------------------------------------  TOTAL COST OF PROJECT IS $2440.00
We need an additional $330.00 to meet our goal!  Both Jim and Peter, along with myself, have pledged to make up any short fall.
NOTE TO JIM RILEY: Jim, I understand that you have asked James Riley to order the necessary stones.
                                Please let me know if he requires any advance in funds.....RS
Christmas blessings to all,
Roy Strickland
133-C Villas Court, SE
Tallahassee, FL 32303
(850) 386-8734