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Thanksgiving Eve......Jim, you did an excellent and thorough job in chronicling  our visit to the Old Center Methodist Cemetery. Here are my thoughts as to what should be done:

First, I feel the $2150.00 options for the various grave sites is out of reach.  I am not in favor of this option at this time.
For JOHN, SR. and MARY WHITAKER RILEY I would keep the
iron rail fence (with a thought to replacing it with a similar
fence in the future), replace the present headstone with the larger, thicker headstone of Georgia Gray Granite.  Keep the same wording on the engraving but add Mary's maiden name.  NOTE; The old headstone may be seen by going to the John Riley, Sr. site.                                COST $300.00
For EDWARD R. SR and MARY OUTLAW RILEY- replace the present headstones with the Georgia Gray Granite.  Mary's
engraving to include her maiden name. The cost of each
headstone, including engraving, would be $220.00.
                                                       TOTAL COST $440.00
Replace each grave with the thicker Georgia
Gray Granite and include the wives maiden names.  Each
headstone to cost $220.00.                TOTAL COST $660.00
MOSES and SARAH ENFINGER RILEY - I favor replacing both
graves with the Georgia Gray Granite at the $220.00 price.
                                                         TOTAL COST $440.00
It is my understanding that each grave would include a small footer stone at no extra cost.
I would suggest leaving the JOHN GRADY and ELENDER RILEY WARD as is, unless the descendants wish to have it
                                                   GRAND TOTAL $1840.00
Blessings to you all this Thanksgiving,
Roy Strickland