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An additional contribution of $355.00 was received from Jim Riley.  This met our goal of $2465.00 and will enable us to install new granite headstones for:  JOHN,SR & MARY WHITAKER RILEY -- EDWARD R.,SR

& MARY OUTLAW RILEY--DANIEL, MARY ANN BRANNON & LUCINDA EURAL RILEY-- MOSES & SARAH ENFINGER RILEY..  The old headstones will be saved and embedded in concrete on the ground in front of the new headstones. Actually; most of the old headstones have already fallen from their bases
and are in various states of deterioration.  This will enable us to better preserve them.
James Riley of Headland, AL. is handling this project for us.  He has ordered the granite and anticipates it will take 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.  Best guess is it will be several months before the project is completed.
If we receive enough interest, we might plan a commemoration service.
I would like to thank the following ancestors of John Riley, Sr, who have contributed so generously to this project: 
Dr. Melanie Strickland Renfroe, Sherry Strickland Carvalho, Mark Riley Strickland,
Michael Strickland, Matthew Strickland, Pete Unger and a special thanks to Jim Riley for a most generous donation and
the time he has devoted.
Roy Strickland