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I saw your website which lists the descendants of John Riley, Sr, and notedthat he had a son, William Riley, born 1810 either in North Carolina or South Carolina. I'm hoping that you have additional information on this William Riley. I am looking for the parents and ancestors of an E. William (Bill) Riley, born 1812 in South Carolina. Here is what I know about him: The initial "E." is thought to stand for Elias (I noted that Elias was a common name among the descendants of John Riley, Sr.). He married Elizabeth Majors Land about 1837 in an unknown location but thought to be Georgia or Alabama. Elizabeth's parents were Sumpter Land and Sarah M. (Sally) Richards who were married in 1818 "across the Chattahochee River from Ft. Gains, Georgia" (this from Sally's RW pension application on her husbands service), placing them in the vicinity of Dale County, Alabama. Your forward to John Riley, Sr. genealogy also indicated that he moved his family to this area in 1832. With the Lands in this location and William Riley there also, could it be possible that Elizabeth met and married William Riley in this vicinity in 1837? The Lands and E. William (Bill) Riley were in Calhoun County, Florida by May, 1840. On that date a band of indians attacked Sumpter Land's farm burning the buildings and stealing the livestock. Sumpter Land and his oldest son, thought to be Henry Land, were killed in this attack. E. William (Bill) Riley was wounded but survived. Others in the family survived by fleeing and hiding in the woods. E. William (Bill) Riley and Elizabeth Majors Land had six children. They were:

Harriet Frances Riley b 10/1/1841 Calhoun Co., FL

William Lawrence Riley b 7/25/1843 Calhoun Co., FL

Ester Laura Riley b 7/29/1845 Georgia

Elisha Alias Riley b 11/13/1847 Early Co., GA

B. S. Riley b 2/26/1850 Unknown

Owen Land Riley b 3/8/1853 Jackson Co., FL

E. William (Bill) Riley died after 1853 during a Yellow Fever epidemic and Elizabeth married a second time about 1861 to Marion Wyse and they had one son. He was:

Frank Wyse b 9/26/1862 Jackson Co., GA

E. William (Bill) Riley's birthdate is taken from the 1850 U.S. Census for Calhoun Co., FL which list his age as 38 years and list his birthplace as South Carolina. Of course he is dead before the next census so this is the only clue as to his birthdate or birthplace. Family lore tells that he was a riverboat captian on the Chattahochee, Flint, and Apalachicola Rivers. I'm hoping that you may have some information that will mesh with that above and show our two William Riley's to be one and the same. If this is the same William Riley, I have a great deal of information on his descendants that I am willing to share. I will greatly appreciate any information you may be able to supply. Thanks in advance for your help.

Frank Beckham

Humboldt, Tennessee