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My name is Lea Anne Riley Killinger, and I am seeking information to see if my family fits with this Riley line. My grandfather is Buford Curtis Riley; he was born on Feb 3, 1922 (I think), and his father was named Comer Riley. I don't know his mother's name. He was at Pearl Harbor and served his country admirably. He was also a Purple Heart recipient. He is a Mason and a Shriner. Does any of this sound familiar to anyone out there?? Also, he married 3 times--all to women named Mary. Mary Lois Tipsword Riley (now deceased), Mary Louise Riley (whereabouts unknown), and another Mary Riley of whom I know nothing but her name.


Buford Curtis Riley had three sons with Mary Lois Tipsword Riley-- Curtis Riley (middle name unk), Stanley Riley (middle name unk), and Buford Eugene Riley. He also had children with one of the other Mary Rileys, but I have no information on them.


Any information anyone can give me is _greatly_ appreciated!!

I'm sorry to post twice in a row, but I have more information.

My grandfather, Buford Curtis Riley, was born on Feb 3, 1917 or 1918, in Dothan Al. His father, Comer Riley, died in a well digging accident in Geneva, AL, possibly before 1930.

His mother's name is unknown at this time.

He married 3 times; Mary Lois Tipsword Riley (this is my grandmother), Mary Ruth Riley, and Mary Louise Riley.


Buford Curtis Riley and Mary Lois Tipsword Riley had three sons, Stanley Comer Riley, Curtis William Riley, and Buford Eugene Riley.


Buford Curtis Riley also had a family with either Mary Ruth or Mary Louise. I do not know the names of their children.


However, Buford Curtis Riley, b. 1917 or 18, served in the Navy and was at Pearl Harbor. He was the recipient of a Purple Heart, and served his country honorably. I wish I knew for how many years. Unfortunately, he was mentally affected by his time in the wars. He is still alive at this time.


His mother, Comer Riley's wife, moved from Alabama to Jacksonville Florida, and was still there in 1950.


Buford Curtis Riley spent most of his life in Jacksonville when he was not away in the service, and he now lives in Mayport, FL, a tiny Navy base town outside Jax.


If ANY of this disjointed story sounds familiar to anyone out there, please contact me, Lea Anne Riley Killinger, (I am Buford Eugene Riley's daughter), at .


Thanks in advance for any information you can give me!!


Lea Anne Killinger .